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Toyota Verso

Scott Downing/Producer with Matt Productions LLC

Southern California

Client:  Toyota of Europe

Agency:  Saatchi Design UK/ Will Butler

Photographer:  Pascal Malamas

Tasks:  Location scouting, international production for stills and video,  prop research and procurring

all photographs copyright of ©Pascal Malamas Photography

  • K Toyota Verso hero

    K Toyota Verso hero

  • Verso Pascal1

    Verso Pascal1

  • Verso Pascal2

    Verso Pascal2

  • Verso Pascal3

    Verso Pascal3

  • Verso Pascal4

    Verso Pascal4

  • Verso Pascal5

    Verso Pascal5

  • Verso Pascal6

    Verso Pascal6

  • Verso Pascal7

    Verso Pascal7

  • Verso Pascal9

    Verso Pascal9

  • Verso Pascal10

    Verso Pascal10

  • Verso Pascal11

    Verso Pascal11

  • Verso Pascal12

    Verso Pascal12